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Italian rockstar Vasco Rossi launches a challenge to gold medallist Minisini : between artistic swimming and music, who will win?

Would it be more difficult for Italy's artistic swimming champion Giorgio Minisini to sing in front of hundreds of thousands of people or would it be more complicated for rock star Vasco Rossi to perform an artistic swimming routine?

Perhaps the answer to this question will come in the coming months because the challenge has now been launched. The singer Vasco Rossi, in fact, had performed some artistic swimming movements in the sea and Minisini, the star of the European Championships in Rome with four gold medals, invited him to prepare a performance with one of his songs as the base. Vasco took up the challenge and Minisini, together with his partner Lucrezia Ruggiero, replied: Vasco will dance in the pool and they will sing. The whole thing was showed both on social media and on the news of the Rai main TV channel (Tg1). The long wave of Roma 2022 does not seem destined to end anytime soon.

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