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Finally in the pool | VIDEO

"FINalmente in piscina" is the slogan of the promotional campaign launched by the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) and the Organising Committee of Rome 2022, the European Championships in swimming, open water, diving, high diving and artistica swimming, scheduled to take place in the capital from 11 to 22 August.

Through the agreement reached with Media One, a video of the water sports will be broadcast by the Go Tv circuit, equipped with 1245 screens in 62 FNM (Ferrovie Nord) and 63 RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) stations for a total of 125 railway stations distributed in Italy.

The first video, which will be followed others, shows in 15 seconds of images the benefits of all ages swimmers: from children to the elderly, from amateurs to champions.

Static billposting activities have also already been planned, with the possibility, through a QR code, of easily accessing the swimming club and facilities closest to interested users.

The advertising campaign will concern all the aquatic sports and the lifesaving sector and will bring closer the European Championships of Rome 2022, the biggest sport event scheduled in Italy next year.

The train has left. Finally, it's back to the pool.

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