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Italian masters diver Vincenzo Russo: from son to father

Last Sunday Italy's diver Vincenzo Russo was in the stands at the Stadio del Nuoto to support compatriots Lorenzo Marsaglia and Giovanni Tocci, who claimed silver in the men's 3m synchronised event. Five days later, he climbed the ladder leading up to the diving boards. The story of the 75-year-old Roman diver, born in 1947 like Klaus Dibiasi, leaves room for emotion and lust for life.
The passion for diving exploded just five years ago, to encourage his son Hari, now 13 years old and a member of the Carlo Dibiasi diving club, not to give up swimming and sport, especially after the premature and painful death of his mother, Vincenzo's wife.
"He no longer wanted to go to the pool to dive, so I told him, in order to movivate him, that I would start training with him, on the same days and at the same times. So, a bit by chance, in 2017 a new path in my life began and thanks to the Masters today, I am here at Roma 2022," he said.
A former business consultant, Vincenzo Russo is now a Yoga teacher: "Diving and yoga are two disciplines that go together perfectly, because the control of mind and body is fundamental in both. Diving has a fabulous environment: there is an incredible respect for the opponents and there is no envy. You get to know each other easily,", he said.
Vincenzo Russo's programme at the European Masters in Rome is in Italian European champion Chiara Pellacani's style: a non-stop commitment. "I will be competing from the 1m springboard and 5m platform, which is my speciality. Already being here, however, is an immense satisfaction for all of us Masters," he said.

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