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Swimming in safety towards Rome 2022. The training and education campaign of the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) to support the project ‘Water and I – Swimming in safety. Avoiding lots of troubles’ continues as part of the promotional events connected to the next European Swimming Championships, scheduled in Rome from 11-21 August 2022 and from 24 August to 4 September the masters championship.
The project, jointly designed by the Italian Swimming Federation and the Rome Organising Committee, has the goal to spread the knowledge of tools and right behaviours to swim responsibly in the sea, prevent dangers and favour safety in lakes and rivers as well as in private pools. 

After the first leg of the second period took place at the FIN Federal Centre in Viterbo, today today took place the second one at the municipal pool of Rieti where the Italian rescue swimming champions Gabriele Arvonio, Fabio Pezzotti and Giulia Chirico held a presentation with the local authorities represented by the FIN rescue swimming regional coordinator Giuseppe Andreana and the plant manager Simone Cotini. After giving out Roma 2022 gadgets and the welcome of the local authorities, the Italian swimmers conducted demonstration tests, showing the four swimming styles and some rescue swimming trials. After the presentation, they held some training exercises on water safety and first aid involving students of the Rieti's Angelo Maria Ricci school. 

In the project’s first period, from October to December last year, schools were identified in each province of Lazio (involving students of primary schools) to hold meetings with teachers and FIN coaches as well as representatives of the Port Authorities-Coast Guard, Civil Protection, the Fire Brigades, and the Marevivo association.
The meetings were focused on the topics of water protection, the marine environment, and water culture (rivers, seas, and lakes), all areas of expertise of the Federation.
The second period has targeted primary and middle school students in Lazio.
The next dates for practical demonstrations in the pool will be held on 20 May at the Anagni Municipal Pool, and on 25 May at the Blue Green Sporting Club pool in Rocca Priora. The practical tests on the sea will be held on the beaches of Gaeta and Ladispoli on 23 May and 7 June 2022. 

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