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Welcome Ucraina

Celebrating Women's Day with solidarity and concrete acts. After travelling three thousand kilometres by bus, the girls of the Ukrainian national artistic swimming team arrived at the Frecciarossa Aquatic Centre in Ostia. They have been welcomed by Paolo Barelli, the president of the Italian Swimming Federation and group leader of Forza Italia in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, who has personally dedicated himself to the mission, Valentina Vezzali, undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with responsibility for sport, and Mario Falconi, president of the 10th Municipality. With them, the technical director of the Italian national synchro team Patrizia Giallomdardo and the Italian national athletes Linda Cerruti, Costanza Ferro, Lucrezia Ruggiero and Giorgio Minisini.

Welcoming the Olympic medal-winning team, President Paolo Barelli noted the importance of ensuring a moment of peace for the athletes, but especially the girls, who have seen their normal daily routine disrupted. The Federnuoto is in contact with seven other athletes who are trying to reach Hungary.

A delegation from the Italian artistic swimming team also hugged and supported them. Patrizia Giallombardo, the technical director of the national team, expressed her gratitude to President Barelli "for the sensitivity shown in wanting to host the Ukrainian national team. A team to whom we are very close despite the fact that they have always been our rivals. But in these moments the sporting aspect takes second place. Here in Ostia the girls will find warmth and the opportunity to train in the best possible way". In fact, the Ukrainian athletes will complete their preparation for the European Championships in Ostia, scheduled from 11 to 15 August at the Nicola Pietrangeli Stadium in Rome.

The coach of the Ukrainian national team, Svitlana Saidova thanked Italy and the Italian Swimming Federation for this incredible opportunity. "We left everything in Ukraine: affects, family and friends. But we have to do this for our country and to make it proud of us. I hope this war will end soon. The bombing destroyed my city in a few minutes: it's a disaster".

In conclusion, Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiiva, Olympic bronze medallists with the Team in Tokyo 2020. "In this dramatic moment for our people, we had this beautiful opportunity. We will train at our best and in the best conditions in Italy, in preparation for the European Championships in Rome. Our family members have stayed there, but they know that we are now in a safe and happy place. We would like to thank Italy and the president Paolo Barelli, who did his best to host us without thinking about it. This welcome and your support give us incredible feelings".

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