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European masters. Water polo groupings drawn

All the rounds of the water polo masters championship were defined on Wednesday afternoon, with the draw formula in the urns divided by category. The organising commission of the Rome 2022 European Championships was present with the Masters' managers Roberto Migliori and Claudio Tomasi and a delegation from the LEN, the European Water Polo League. The draw, which was held in the conference room of the Grand Hotel Fleming, took place from 15.00 to 17.00 in the presence also of a delegation of athletes from the federal sector.

Published on the page dedicated to masters water polo on the official Rome 2022 European Championships website are the definitive rounds by category and gender. Single group in the women's section with five registered teams; much more articulated the men's section with seven categories divided into thirteen groups. Great expectations for the M+50 category with 14 teams in four groups for an elimination phase that already promises to be a spectacle.

Appointment on Monday 29 August for the first match scheduled at the Polo Acquatico Frecciarossa, the federal centre in Ostia that will host all the water polo competitions of the Rome 2022 masters European Championships. For the technical meeting, reserved for officials and team leaders, the appointment will be on 28 August at 4 p.m., again at the federal competition centre.

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