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Roma 2022 is strongly committed to organising the European Aquatics Championships with the utmost respect for environmental sustainability. Thanks to the collaboration with CGTE SpA - TESYA Group, one of the most important energy suppliers at the European level, a state-of-the-art integrated energy system has been used with state-of-the-art units built in 2022. In addition to energy savings, the electrical systems allow for a significant decrease in emissions to the environment. With the help of a department specialising in the research and development of new technologies with low environmental impact, CGTE SpA and Roma 2022 have created an efficient system that drastically reduces energy waste, as well as reducing pollutants (compared to the best technologies of 2020).

Alcuni dati utili:
Anidride carbonica          CO2 = ? 25 %                                 Ossido di Azoto              NOx = ? 90 %
Idrocarburi                        HC = ? 75 %                                    Particolato                     PM = ? 95 %
The electrical systems built, fully automated and remotely controlled, are serving the European championships, in RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana's facilities for live TV broadcast and in those of the Italian Swimming Federation, guaranteeing a very high degree of reliability with a very effective sustainable impact.

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