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Olympian Mazzucchi (ITA) returns to diving for son Lorenzo

From the TV commentary position to the diving board. Italy's Massimiliano Mazzucchi has just finished reporting for Rai Sport, the Italian State TV, on the triumph of the Azzurri from the diving platforms at the Stadio del Nuoto. Now it is his turn to dive from up there. "Leaving the microphone and diving back into this beautiful pool is a unique opportunity," he said. Massimiliano Mazzucchi is 41 years old and represented Italy at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games from the 10m platform.

"In 2013 I stopped competing and in 2015 my first son, Lorenzo, was born," he said.
It is also because of him that Massimiliano decided to compete in the European Aquatics Masters Championships. "My son swims, he is seven years old. I thought that returning to diving was a nice way to show him what his dad did in the past, but also to pass on to him the spirit of sacrifice in sport."
The former Olympian athlete has a Foro Italico special memory. "I was just seven years old when, after I started diving, I saw a masters competition with Giorgio Cagnotto in this facility. I didn't know who he was, but I was ecstatic. I thought: How good he is!."

For Mazzucchi, who now trains young athletes, it is his first time at a Masters. "It was a decision I made for me, also to get in shape. When I told my friends, my former national teammates, I couldn't go back. It's a way of giving yourself goals. Everyone is here for their own goal. Everyone wins in their own way. In the dives you can choose the series, I would like to perform dives that are a bit difficult compared to my abilities. I hope I don't get hurt, I can't wait to feel that thrill when I'm on the diving board, with the judge whistling, risking something too. And feeling again the adrenaline that only those who practise sport can understand".

These days in Rome former divers, fans, coaches will face each other. "It's a way to be together. We will have fun. I will ask advice from those who have just dived. Which springboard to choose, which is the best one to use," in order to win a round of applause from little Lorenzo.

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