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It took three months to admit it was wrong, but finally the Ligue Europeenne de Natation corrected the mistake of not awarding the 25-kilometer medals at the European swimming championships in Rome, which were interrupted due to bad weather after 19 kilometers when there were as many as five Italians in the top positions of the men's and women's races underway in the Ostia sea. It was clear that from the analysis of the positions in the water the placings could be frozen and medals awarded by combining the safety of the athletes and honoring their effort. It wasn't done then, now it is, after commissioning an investigation by the UK-based company Quest. Better late than never.
Therefore Mario Sanzullo is the European champion in the 25 km and opens the Italian hat trick completed by Dario Verani's silver and Matteo Furlan's bronze; in the women's sphere the first place of Frenchwoman Caroline Jouisse ahead of Italians Barbara Pozzobon in silver and Veronica Santoni in bronze is confirmed.

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