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Official Announcement – Men’s and women’s 25km open water races

This is an official announcement regarding the Men's and Women's 25km Open Water Swimming races at the LEN European Aquatics Championships, held on 20th August 2022. Due to a case of emergency because of the weather conditions, both chief referees and the safety delegate decided to stop the races immediately for the safety of the Athletes and Officials on the course.
Since the Chief Referees did not have a view of the final rankings for both races, the LEN Technical Open Water Committee decided to cancel the classification for both races.
LEN owes an apology to all athletes participating this race, who devoted themselves to hard work to be ready for this event, for not being in a position to determine the final classification, even though the event was held amid these extreme conditions.
According to LEN’s principles, the athletes’ and officials’ safety shall prevail in all circumstances. The 10km races on Sunday and the 5km Team Relay are planned to be held according to the schedule announced earlier, from 10.00 and 16.00 respectively. However, in case of adverse weather conditions, the races can be postponed or cancelled.

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