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Swimming in safety towards Rome 2022. The training and education campaign of the Italian Swimming Federation in support of the project 'Water and I - swimming in safety. To avoid lots of troubles', planned as part of the promotional initiatives connected to the upcoming European Championships in water disciplines, scheduled to take place in Rome from 11 to 21 August 2022.

On Thursday, 9 June, at the Lazio Region's Tirreno Hall, awards were presented to the schools that took part in the initiative, organised with the Port Authority, the Fire Brigade and the Marevivo Association: Anagni Primo I.C. in Anagni, Carducci I.C. in Gaeta, Principe Amedeo I.C. in Gaeta and A.M. Ricci I.C. in Rieti.

"Playing sport conveys values and principles that help us to be better citizens," said Roberto Tavani, the Lazio Region's Sports Delegate. "We are happy to have launched this project on safety on the Lazio region's coasts. Let us remember this beautiful morning, which is the conclusion of an important path you have taken. I am sure that we will see each other again in August in the stands of the Foro Italico for the European Championships and that there will be further opportunities to work together. Thank you all'.

'Organising this initiative with the Region of Lazio was a way of accompanying you towards the European Championships in aquatic disciplines from 11 to 21 August at the Foro Italico and on the Ostia Lido,' said Bruno Campanile, Executive Director of Roma 2022. 'It is an appointment not to be missed, it will be the event of the Roman summer. We are waiting for you in the stands to cheer. There will be great national champions, such as Gregorio Paltrinieri and Simona Quadarella, and European champions. Tickets will go on sale shortly'.

"We of the Fire Brigade are happy to participate in this project, because swimming is an activity that is good for the body and allows you to have fun with your friends," commented Paolo Massimo, Director of the Public Rescue, Regional Mobile Column and AIB Service Office. "We have seen your drawings, they have shown us that you were attentive during our meetings.

The President of the FIN Lazio Regional Committee, Gianpiero Mauretti, after bringing greetings from FIN President Paolo Barelli, thanked the Lazio Region, the Port Authority, and the Fire Brigade for their support in this initiative. "The spirit of this project is to make the world of swimming known in all its aspects,'' Mauretti emphasised. ''Lifesaving is divided into the competitive part and the didactic part, through the training of lifeguards; within the FIN disciplines it has social importance. We have travelled all over Lazio from north to south to spread the value of aquatic safety'.

"Sea rescue is the main task of the Italian Coast Guard," concludes Filippo Marini, Maritime Director of Lazio. "That is why I am really happy with these pills of environmental culture and respect for the sea that are spreading among all of you. When we go to the sea, we must not be overconfident, jump in and go, but we must be cautious and take preventive action. FIN gives us many lessons in this. 'Water and I - Swimming Safely. To avoid lots of troubles' is a beautiful initiative and today this award ceremony is the crowning achievement of this period that you have followed'.

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