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Simona Quadarella and Alessia Filippi: emotions and memories between Roman champions

Italy’s Alessia Filippi won gold in the women’s 1500m freestyle and bronze in the 800m freestyle at the 2009 world championships in Rome. For the Roman champion it was a magical event. At that time in the stands, cheering, was a very young girl: Simona Quadarella, who had yet to turn 11. Today it’s the other way around: Filippi is cheering and her Roman heiress is in the water. This morning, 11 August, after the 800m freestyle heats, while Quadarella was busy with the Italian State TV-RAI interviews, Filippi made her a surprise and spent a few minutes with her. For Filippi, there were hugs also with Italian Martina Caramignoli, who also made it to the 800m freestyle final, and with Roma 2022 ambassador Filippo Magnini, another world champion, just like Filippi and Quadarella.

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