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On the last day of the European Aquatics Championships, the first high diving Nations Cup for men and women divers took place in Roma with a format created ad hoc for an event that, in the setting of the Foro Italico , gave excitement and smiles to the public that packed the stands.
The competition, with teams made up of pairs, was staged for three categories: women, men and mixed. Each team performed three dives: two individual dives from 27 metres for the men and two from 20 metres for the women, while the third dive, synchronised in pairs, was for all from the 20-metre platform.

In the stadium today there was the typical atmosphere of high diving, an extreme sport, inclusive and open to all, where athletes cheer on their opponents because they are really all friends. Then there was a couple who dived together today and who are also together in life: Eleanor Smart from the UK and Owen Weymouth from the USA performed a synchronised dive and then shared a kiss in front of the camera. Some athletes managed to charge the audience, laughing and joking, even from 27 metres. The important thing today was to have fun and feel that thrill, that emotion that goes beyond the sporting results. Today, high diving conquered the Foro Italico and after having admired all the other sports during the 11 days of competition at the European championships, the Rome public could not ask for more.

On a performance level, victory went to Canadians Jessica Macaulay and Aimee Harrison for the women's event (score 228.70), to Italians Alessandro De Rose and Andrea Barnaba in the men's event (score 265.40), and Aidan Heslop and Xanthia Pennisi winners of the mixed event, coming respectively from Great Britain and Austria (score 314.80).

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