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We already know that he is a champion in the pool. However, what only a few people are aware of is that Giorgio Minisini, who won four gold medals at Roma 2022, is a champion in life as well. Today, at 16:45 he delighted the crowd that was attending the artistic swimming Gala with a very special performance. Together with him, there was Arianna Sacripanti, an artistic swimmer with Down syndrome who won gold at the 2016 Trisome Games. It's a wonderful story that needs to be told and made known as much as possible.

  This collaboration was born four years ago, thanks to the 'Progetto Filippide', a national association that in 2016 opened an artistic swimming academy for athletes with Down syndrome, and the Italian Swimming Federation, which the world champion got involved.

  Arianna and Giorgio, who have trained and performed already several times in Italy under the direction of national coach Sabrina Bernabei, presented an original routine on the notes of 'Imagine', the amazing song by John Lennon.

  At the end of the performance, the crowd was full of smiles and wet eyes for a couple that really touched everyone.
  The pair share a dream: to have the opportunity one day to perform together in an official competition, in which able-bodied athletes and athletes with disabilities can compete together, thus breaking down all sorts of barriers.

  “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one…”.


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